Interrogation and Torture


By Nick Anderson, The Houston Chronicle
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VIDEO & Documents 

The Torture Question

PBS's FRONTLINE examines the question "In fighting the war on terror, how far should the United States be willing to go to protect itself?"
Is Torture Ever Justified? -- Six legal experts debate the necessity of torture in a post-9/11 world.
Examining the Paper Trail -- How the Bush administration aggressively developed its interrogation policy.
Analysis --What caused Abu Ghraib ... the new rules in a new kind of war ... Guantanamo's detainees ... more


Behind the Wire -- A video tour of Guantanamo's security facilities ... a slideshow of Abu Ghraib



John Yoo's Written Testimony Before Congress

Stanford professor John Yoo spent time in the Bush Administration primarily in the Office of Legal Counsel.  It is memorandums that he authored under his own name or for others that provided the basis for numerous illegal acts.

In this deposition Yoo explains the process of how the various memos from the Office of Legal Counsel and other Justice departments came to be and what was relied upon in reaching the various conclusions.



The Bybee Memo
March 2002
Standards of Conduct for Interrogation under 18 U.S.C. 2340 et seq.

This is one of the memos relied upon by the Bush Administration in setting the standards for the CIA and the Armed Forces.


Yoo Memo on Guantanamo

John Yoo's Memo as an attorney in the Office of Legal Counsel relied upon for the use of Guantanamo and interrogation of prisoners there.
Most of this memo has been rebuked by the U. S. Supreme Court.


DOJ Interpretations of Geneva Convention

An amazing series of letters between Senator Ron Wyden and Brian Benczkowski, Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General explaining the Department of Justice's interpretation of the Geneva Conventions regarding the use of torture.


Tamanaha on DOJ Memos

The author of a leading text on the Rule of Law offers his views on the Department of Justice Memorandums on the Geneva Convention - and they are not complimentary.

Brian Tamanaha - Chief Judge Benjamin N. Cardoza Professor of Law at St. John's University School of Law.

From Balkinization


Inspector General Report of FBI Involvement in Detainee Interrogations
A Review of the FBI's Involvement in and Observations of Detainee Interrogations in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, and Iraq

Oversight and Review Division, Office of the Inspector General, May 2008


Interrogation Tactics Were Challenged at White House
An article by Carrie Johnson and Josh White Washington Post May, 2008

Beginning in 2003 Bruce C. Swartz, a criminal division deputy in charge of international issues, repeatedly questioned the effectiveness of harsh interrogation tactics at White House meetings of a special group formed to decide detainee matters, with representatives present from the Pentagon, the State Department and the CIA.  He was ignored.   Later concerns expressed by the FBI were likewise ignored by the administration.


Former OLC Chief Criticizes Department's Handling of Torture and Interrogation Memo's

Christopher Schroeder, a former head of the Office of Legal Counsel , testifies before Congress and harshly criticizes the department's work since 9/11.  This is a an enlightening work that challenges the overbroad definition of Presidential Power adopted by the Bush administration.


Rehabilitating the U.S. Ban on Torture: A Call for Transparent Treatment Policy

ACS Issue Brief by Devon Chaffee - Advocacy Counsel for Human Rights First, Washington, D.C.